Your Community is Calling.

July 10, 2017  / 

At United Way Waterloo Region Communities we understand the best way to build anything is from the ground up. That’s the basis for our In Community initiative.

We’re working hard to identify Community Connectors in many neighbourhoods.   These people will form the backbone of a program aimed at bringing people together for a common cause right on their own street.

Annie Doran is a Community Connector for the King Street East area of Kitchener.

Here’s how she views her ‘hood.

In 2005, Marcus and I bought our first house at the corner of Duke and Cameron. We were 22 years old, and didn’t intend to stay beyond finishing school. It took some growing up and learning about ourselves before we were ready to reach out to our neighbours. It turns out there was this amazing community full of warm and supportive people right outside our door.

So we stayed. That has turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve made. It’s twelve years later, and we now have two little girls we are thrilled to raise here.


Being a part of reigniting the King East Neighbourhood Association, and my participation in Moppet Preschool, has helped me rediscover my passion in community building . It has been a remarkable experience that has connected me with so many new and inspiring people – I had no idea the journey on which I was about to embark! It turns out that making those connections really can expand your world, fight depression, give your children a rich childhood full of friendship, teach you about yourself, and give you the opportunity to develop new skills and hobbies you may have never encountered without your neighbours. Community makes your life richer, and everyone should have the chance to experience that.

Interested in becoming a Community Connector? Contact United Way WRC through the link above