Who We Are

Our Vision

“Together… Strengthening the Community for All”

Our Mission

“Through collaboration, build upon our community’s resources and strengthen our capacity to improve the quality of life for all.”

Our Values

  • Foster collaboration, embrace diversity and focus on prevention
  • Respect community wisdom and encourage citizen involvement
  • Endorse innovation, partnerships, collective action
  • Provide non-partisan leadership
  • Demonstrate trust, integrity, transparency, inclusivity, and respect
  • Encourage and promise volunteerism and volunteer leadership

What is United Way KW all about?

We are committed to achieving community change – focusing on addressing underlying causes, strengthening the community network of services and capacity of non-profits, influencing public attitudes, systems and policy, and engaging community dollars, influence, time and knowledge.

We are committed to our many partnerships, programs and initiatives (by focus area: All That Kids Can Be, Healthy People Strong Communities, From Poverty To Possibility) we work with each year as we strive to bring about positive, long term, sustainable change.

So who are we, exactly?

Sure, we’re the largest funder of social service programs outside of government. Our annual workplace campaigns – together with our other fundraising efforts – are an integral component of our success.

But our commitment extends beyond monetary investment. We also mobilize people and other resources to change community conditions for the better.

We are a catalyst for social change, targeting the source of local challenges to fix problems at the root. Through a proactive business model, we’re working strategically to address our community’s needs on a long term basis.

Charitable Registration Number: 10816 0219 RR0001