Building a Healthy Workplace

November 2, 2015  / 

On October 29th, 20 companies and organizations  in Waterloo Region were recognized for their efforts in creating a healthy workplace.

United Way Kitchener Waterloo & Area is proud to be one of those recipients, recognized at the Bronze award level.

During Healthy Workplace Month we created a brochure that outlined events and challenges that we had organized – each focusing on the various components of a healthy workplace. For each event attended or challenge completed staff received a stamp. At the end of the month, the staff member with the most stamps won a gift card to Coles. We had 100% participation and a lot of fun during that month. Our brochure also included facts about healthy living and the importance of physical activity – aligning with the awareness-raising strategy.

On a more important level, we’ve noted an increase in physical activity in our staff.   Whether it’s taking the stairs….to…or from our eighth floor office, or making the effort to walk with another staff member, a healthy lifestyle is literally one of those “journeys which begin with a single step”

You spend one third of your life in the workplace–one half of your waking hours!    How can you add some healthy moves to your workplace…..and your lifestyle?

For more information on the Healthy Workplace Program, go to Healthy Workplaces

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