Drayton Entertainment- Updated Schedule

May 2, 2016  / 

 We want to thank every one who has used our promo codes to book tickets for our partnership with Drayton Entertainment.  This is a new initiative, and we’re pleased with your response.

Every time you use the code, you save money, and 15 dollars from each sale goes to United Way KW & Area!    Have a good time, and do some good.

Use Promo Code 16UWKW     Click to buy tickets  

Here’s a list of upcoming shows, including some this Canada Day Weekend

Huron County Playhouse, grand Bend July 1st (2 PM)  and July 2nd  “Canadian Legends”

St Jacobs Country Playhouse   July 13th (2 pm) July 14th “The Men’s Foursome”

Huron County Playhouse II  Grand Bend   July 15 (2 pm) July 16 (7:30)   Hilda’s Yard

Drayton Festival Theatre July 20th and July 22nd “It Runs in the Family”

Huron County Playhouse, Grand Bend  July 22 (2 PM) and July 23 “Anything Goes”

St Jacob’s Country Playhouse  August 10 (2 pm) August 11  “The Ladies Foursome”

Huron County Playhouse II Grand Bend August 11 and 13 “Aladdin, The Panto”

Drayton Festival Theatre, Drayton   August 17 and 18 (7:30 pm)  Smokey Joe’s Café

Dunfield Theatre Cambridge, August 19 (7:30) August 21 (2:00) “Unnecessary Farce”


Use Promo Code 16UWKW     Click to buy tickets  


Drayton is supported by a vast network of volunteers, and a strong level of membership.   It receives no government funding for operations, and works hard at giving back to every community in which in operates.

United Way KW & Area is proud to be a partner with Drayton Entertainment